Floral Friday ~ Scabiosa

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Floral Friday ~ Scabiosa PINCUSHION FLOWER We always loved scabiosa but lately, the Scoop™ varieties have been all the rage from the vanilla white to deep, moody blackberry.  Whether the flower blooms or pods are used, scabiosa can add character to your flower arrangements. It is also know as the common name, pincushion flower, because the round, prominent stamens in the center of the … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Kale

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Floral Friday ~ Kale ORNAMENTAL CABBAGE | BRASSICA Oh how ruffly!  Kale are also known as ornamental cabbage or by the scientific name, Brassica.  They are most often sought after for their magnificent leaf texture and coloring in shades of white, pink, lavender and violet. The ornamental types of kale can be edible but have a much bitter taste than their common relatives of broccoli, … Read More

Bunch Sizes for Flowers and Greenery

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How many roses come packed in the bunch?  We created a list of commonly requested flowers and greens with bunch sizes.  Sometimes, the bunch size may vary so be sure to confirm with your local sales rep. Flowers Roses – 25 stems/bunch Garden Roses – 12 stems/bunch Spray Roses – 10 stems/bunch Carnations – 25 stems/bunch Carnations (Florigene) – 10 or 20 stems/bunch*varies please ask … Read More