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Another flower, that has earned its popularity in recent years. Not a very tall flower, but its performance is truly stunning. We have a fabulous source in Chile and have an exclusive relationship with a large grower in Italy. We also receive Ranunculus from California, from Holland and Ecuador, and even…from Japan!

Care & Handling

Just like with Peonies, don’t be alarmed what Ranunculus looks like upon arrival. The product is cut tight to ensure it doesn’t get damaged during shipping. Be careful when unwrapping Ranunculus as the product is very tender. But don’t worry: stick to these few basic rules and the reward will be amazing!

Remove all the leaves from at least half the stems, make sure leaves do not touch the water to prevent bacteria growth. It might be helpful to hold the bunch upside-down to avoid breakage when you take the bunch apart. Just shake the bunch lightly and the stems should separate much easier. Cut off at least half to one inch from the stems, if they arrive short, then cut half an inch in order to have enough stem left to work with.
Ranunculus will take several days to open so it is up to you to decide when to place them in the cooler when they have reached the desired stage for your use.
Cold storage temperature is between 40-50 degrees. If stored for a longer period (4 days and beyond) please refresh the water and re-cut stems.
Store Ranunculus upright to prevent bending and store away from fruit and vegetables as Ranunculus is very ethylene-sensitive.
Make sure Ranunculus gets enough water, especially after the initial processing. If Ranunculus is starting to droop, it is most likely because they are not getting enough water.



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