Floral Friday ~ Blooming Branches

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Floral Friday ~ Blooming Branches When the trees start budding, we know spring is soon to come. After this winter, the sooner the better! When we receive blooming branches into our warehouses, they are in a mostly budding stage which helps prevent bloom breakage during shipping. Here are some tips to help force your flowering branches to bloom a little quicker. … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Bleached/Dyed Greenery

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Floral Friday ~ Bleached/Dyed Greenery If you’ve ever seen our Holland Direct offerings and noticed dyed plumosa, then wondered, “What in the world would I do with this?” This Floral Friday is for you! Bleached greens and dried flowers have been making statements all over the world. From monochromatic winter whites to displays of various shades of pink, creatives are … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Beige

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Floral Friday ~ Beige Neutral shades of beige give off natural modern vibes with almost a retro feel. What do you consider beige? Is it a muted blush, peach or cream? Beige encompasses a variety of colors, from pale yellowish-brown to light brownish-gray and can have undertones of pink, brown or gold. The overall look can change based on what … Read More