Floral Friday~ Grasses & Pods

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Floral Friday ~ Grasses & Pods We are upon the time of year when nature transitions those summer blossoms into seed pods which can add unusual texture and movement to any floral handiwork. This season is abundant with endless choices from broom corn brimming with small clusters to larger more focal pomegranate pods. We’ve compiled a list of a few … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Succulents

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Floral Friday ~ Succulents ECHEVERIA Still ON TREND, succulents have invaded weddings, interior design, restaurant decor to storefront windows. Is this look fading away anytime soon? We think not. Do a quick Instagram search for #succulents and scroll through a mere 7.8 million tagged posts. Why do they continue to dominate? Not only offering a clean organic vibe, succulents are low maintenance … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Cascade Bouquets

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Floral Friday ~ Cascade Bouquets The Cascade. All the rage in the 1910’s-30’s, cascade bouquets varied from simple trailing ribbons with a few blooms to the more lavish and impressive. After WWII, fairy tale weddings and large bouquets virtually disappeared until the 1980’s. The Royal Wedding of Prince Charles to Diana Spencer in 1981 brought back the “princess-style” long, flowing … Read More