Floral Friday ~ Floral Art

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Floral Friday ~ Floral Art It’s a given that floral design is an art. However, some designers take it to a different level than our normal everyday and event creations. Here is a little inspiration to help you think outside the (flower)box! Inspiration

Floral Friday ~ Floral Hoops

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Floral Friday ~ Floral Hoops A flower trend we keep seeing popping up are floral hoops. Not just decorated hoops in hanging installations, but also as non-traditional wedding bouquets. Gold hoops to grapevine wreaths, these floral creations definitely make a statement! Your local Dreisbach branch carries a variety of sizes of gold hoops and grapevine wreaths. Looking for a different shape? … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Beige

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Floral Friday ~ Beige Neutral shades of beige give off natural modern vibes with almost a retro feel. What do you consider beige? Is it a muted blush, peach or cream? Beige encompasses a variety of colors, from pale yellowish-brown to light brownish-gray and can have undertones of pink, brown or gold. The overall look can change based on what … Read More