Poinsettia Care Tips

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Our delivery drivers just dropped of your poinsettias. Now what? Poinsettias are a long-lasting plant if proper care and handling is given. Here are some essential tips to keep these pretties looking their finest!

Upon Arrival

  • Poinsettias are a tropical plant and are very susceptible to cold damage. Do not put them in a cold area or cooler.
  • They should be unpacked and the sleeves removed as soon as you receive your order. If this is not possible, open the boxes and cut off the tops to allow the ethylene gas to escape. If not, the poinsettias will droop and become limp which is irreversible.
  • Poinsettia bracts are very fragile and bruise easily, therefore requiring gentle handling.

Display and Temperature

  • Display poinsettias in a brightly lit area away from drafts and direct light.
  • The ideal temperature is 65-75 degrees F. Any temperature above or below will result in shortened bloom life and root damage.
  • This is a biggie – Do not expose poinsettias to temperatures below 50 degrees. In our colder climate, this means keeping them away from front door displays where blasts of cold air occur. Do not place them in the cooler. Always use plant sleeves for protection from cold outdoor temperatures.
  • They can be misted daily to stimulate the tropical climate from which they originated.


  • The top half of the soil should be allowed to dry before watering. They should be checked daily.
  • If the poinsettia is in a potcover or other decorative container, remove it before watering to allow the water to drain completely.
  • Do not over-water!  Poinsettias do not like sitting in standing water. This will drown the plant, causing the leaves to drop and become yellow. Once this process starts, it will work its way up to the top of the plant.
  • Poinsettias with dry soil will automatically drop their flower buds located in the center of the bract.

Have additional poinsettia questions or would like to place an order? Give your local Dreisbach Wholesale branch a call!