Top Reasons to Buy from Your Local Wholesaler

Floral SpecialistCustomer’s Corner

While we realize more retailers are ordering “direct” from varied e-commerce sources, it is still most beneficial to order from your local wholesaler. We’re not just saying that, either! Here are Top Reasons to Buy from your Local Wholesaler.

In addition, all our product arrives to us via COLD-CHAIN delivery. What does this mean? All our fresh flowers and greens are  transported with a consistent temperature range. They are not delivered via sweltering hot trucks in the summer, etc. 90% of quality problems are the result of fluctuating temperatures. Warm, dark and damp places are the perfect environment for even a minuscule amount of bacteria to flourish. Keeping the product in a cold-chain reduces the chance of rot and decay. Have you ever bought an insulated bag at the grocery store? Now you understand the importance.

When you buy from one farm or distributor, you are limited to those varieties they grow or carry. Not at your local Dreisbach branch! Our buyers source a multitude of flower and greenery varieties as well as floral supplies. Our knowledgeable staff can answer questions regarding even the slightest difference of the same variety depending on origin and seasonality. Looking for a larger headed raspberry pink rose? Just ask us, we got you covered!

As a local wholesaler and distributor, we are able to provide farm fresh product directly to you through our cold-chain logistics network. Our customers can order box lot quantities direct through us from California, Canada, Holland, & South America. Boxes of fresh product arrive daily from farms from around the world. What is not pre-sold, gets processed and stocked in our coolers for those last minute orders. Ordering for a holiday or event? You can be assured your pre-ordered product arrives at the freshest point possible.

Not only do we have special relationships with our retailers, we also have the same with our farms. For generations, Dreisbach has built long-term relationships with our partner farms. We also specific requirements for the product offered on our weekly South America farm direct box lot specials and holiday pre-books. This allows us to only secure from farms that meet our high quality of standards in best cut-stage, size, foliage amount and packing. We won’t accept less than the best for our valued customers!

Dreisbach Wholesale Florists, Inc. is a one-stop shop for our customers in the floral business, staffed by committed and passionate employees, supporting and promoting local florists for over four generations. Let us take care of all the hassle and leave you to do what makes you, well, YOU!