Do I Really Need to Use Flower Food?

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One question we hear over and over… “How do I stop my cut hydrangeas from wilting?”  Simple answer – Use flower food.

We decided to do a little experiment to see how a hydrangea holds up after 24 hours in floral preservative versus regular city tap water.
They were from the same shipment and box, re-cut and placed in either flower preservative or plain water.
The result is UNBELIEVABLE!

After 24 hours ~ Hydrangea on left was placed in flower food, hydrangea on right in regular tap water

Prepare to be AMAZED……. The hydrangea in the below picture is the SAME one that was in plain water!

This picture was taken February 2 (2 months after it had shipped from the farm). It was sitting on my desk for almost ONE MONTH!

Hydrangeas drink LOTS of water so make sure they have plenty available.  You can visit our Care & Handling page for more tips on hydrangea.

Protect your fresh cut flower investment and be sure to use the appropriate preservative and concentration.  We carry a vast array of different products to best suit your needs.