Floral Friday ~ Bleached/Dyed Greenery

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Floral Friday ~ Bleached/Dyed Greenery

If you’ve ever seen our Holland Direct offerings and noticed dyed plumosa, then wondered, “What in the world would I do with this?” This Floral Friday is for you!

Bleached greens and dried flowers have been making statements all over the world. From monochromatic winter whites to displays of various shades of pink, creatives are thinking outside of the box with utilizing tinted or bleached product. Some add just a hint and others go big! Consider adding this fun product in your next floral creation.

Most often, we see tinted or dyed greenery readily offered in the fall and winter, but Holland typically has a few selections (such as plumosa and echeveria) available all year. As always, please check with your local branch for availability.