Floral Friday ~ Dahlia

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Floral Friday ~ Dahlia

The Dahlia – What can we say?  No other flower has made such an impact on social media as this most sought after bloom.  From the small ball-type to dinner plate varieties, the dahlia is one of the most requested flowers all year.  Is it the perfectly placed petal pattern, or the colors varying from creamy to rich shades?

The Dahlia is native to Mexico and part of the Asteraceae family related to the chrysanthemum, zinnia, and helianthus, or sunflower.  Towards the end of the eighteenth century, it was named in honor of Andreas Dahl, a Swedish botanist.

Care and Handling
Dahlias are fragile flowers and sensitive to bacteria. They have hollow stems, so be sure you handle them with care and don’t crush them. When received, remove any excess leaves, re-cut the stems with a sharp utensil and place in cold water with flower preservative.  Dahlias release a lot of bacteria and tissue into the water so it is recommended that water be changed every day, and the stems must be re-cut every other day.

Like you (I’m sure), we also have a love/hate relationship with dahlias.  When they come in as expected, they are exquisite and when they don’t… frustrating!  When ordering, please keep in mind the delicate nature of the dahlia.

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