Floral Friday ~ Gypsophila

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Floral Friday ~ Gypsophila


We know, the last thing you want to see after Valentine’s Day is more gyp, but let’s venture outside of the “dozen roses with baby’s breath” box. Fresh eyes bring new perspectives on traditional floral staples as we can see with the continuance of gyp’s popularity.

Overtime – long vase life, extra-large bright white blooms
XLence® – long vase life, extra-large white blooms
My White Cosmic™ -long vase life, large bright white blooms
Million Stars® – long vase life, small bright white double blooms

Gypsophila bunches are measured by weight, not stem count, with the typical bunch weighing 250gr. Doing a large installation? Larger bunch sizes can be special ordered from the farm. Tinted and glittered gyp are also available. Just be sure to place your order at least 2-3 weeks in advance.

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