Floral Friday ~ Hydrangea

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Floral Friday ~ Hydrangea

The ever popular hydrangea…. It has become an essential flower in today’s floral arrangements.  The large blooms and head size cover a larger area thus giving you more bang for your buck!

Hydrangea are available in a wide array and shades of colors from white, pinks, blues, lavenders, purples and greens maturing into the antique varieties.  With the rise in demand, more farms from all over the world grow them allowing us to source year-round.

Hydrangea have a long-vase life if properly cared for.  I had a test stem on my desk in flower food for almost one whole month!

Care & Handling
When you get your hydrangea, it can be helpful to dunk the heads in water before processing them.  They will drink through their petals (similar to when it rains on the bush) re-hydrating them quicker.  The stems should also be re-cut before placing in flower food.  It is one of the few that still needs to be re-cut when using Floralife Express Universal 300.  You can also spray Crowning Gloryon the blooms for protection.  Always allow flowers to dry completely before placing back in the cooler.  Click here to read more.

Did you know?

  • Mini green hydrangea are actually immature white or blue varieties.
  • Antique hydrangea are those that have been left on the bush longer thus changing color.  They deepen in color the longer they stay on the plant.
  • The Magical varieties change colors becoming more variegated as the blooms mature.
  • Hydrangea are graded based on head size (smallest to largest) – mini, select, super select, premium (designer), and jumbo.
  • We offer special farm direct box lot pricing usually every week on mini green, white, blue and green (varieties dependent on farm availability.)

Holland Hydrangea
A pretty palette of colors is available now to order from Holland.  Order online at our Holland webshop!