Floral Friday ~ Succulents

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Floral Friday ~ Succulents


Still ON TREND, succulents have invaded weddings, interior design, restaurant decor to storefront windows. Is this look fading away anytime soon? We think not. Do a quick Instagram search for #succulents and scroll through a mere 7.8 million tagged posts.

Why do they continue to dominate? Not only offering a clean organic vibe, succulents are low maintenance (for those of us without green thumbs); come in a plethora of varieties, shapes, colors and sizes; attract fewer pests (BONUS!) and are easy for growers to cultivate and ship. They are an ideal ingredient in all types of garden and floral creations, and can even be the main feature of a succulent garden workshop for your customers.

Available in potted as well as cut blooms, sizes range from small (wonderful for corsage & bout work) to larger plate diameters. Find echeveria varieties on our weekly HOLLAND DIRECT specialsonline webshops, or preorder your faves with your local sales rep.






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