Floral Friday ~ Color Me Happy

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Floral Friday ~ Color Me Happy

Before we get into the upcoming primarily Red holiday, let’s brighten it up a tad, shall we?  Why do we LOVE our industry?  For the reason that we are able to source some pretty fantastic flowers all year long.  These beauties can enliven even the most dreary day.

AH-mazing flowers coming in from all over the world right now.  The next few months, you will see more Italian & Japanese flowers becoming readily available to order.

One of our favorites this time of year is mimosa acacia.  Those tiny yellow tufts are stunning alone bunched in a vase or added as a bright accent to an arrangement.  Can you imagine having one of those trees in your yard?

Poppies – Yes, please! … Anemones – Oh, yeah! … Sweet Peas – Most definitely! … Pin Cushion Protea – Of course! … Mimosa Acacia – How can I resist? Hydrangea of different colors? … What do you think? …  Ranunculus – Is there any question? … Daffodils– For sure!