Floral Friday ~ Hats and Horses

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Floral Friday ~ Hats & Horses

This week, we are going off “track”šŸ“ a bit to recognize flowers adorningĀ hats & horses.

At our flagship branch in Louisville, theĀ Kentucky Derby, AKA Run for the RosesĀ®, is a big deal and the first of the Triple Crown Races.Ā  With the derby coming up in a few weeks, let’s take a look at a little information on the winner flower blankets and outrageous hat pics to influence your race day attire.

Throw yourself a party or THREE, don a hat, and find a little bit of inspiration.Ā  Ladies… don’t forget that aĀ hat, headpiece or fascinator should be worn at all times during race day.

ā€œGarland of Roses.ā€Ā Garland of Roses | 2018 Kentucky Derby & Oaks | May 4 and 5, 2018, www.kentuckyderby.com/history/traditions/garland-of-roses

Kentucky DerbyĀ – More thanĀ 400 red Freedom RosesĀ areĀ sewn into a green satin backing with the seal of the Commonwealth on one end and the Twin Spires and number of the race’s current renewal on the other. Each garland is also adorned with a “crown” of roses, green fern and ribbon. The “crown,” a single rose pointing upward in the center of the garland, symbolizes the struggle and heart necessary to reach the Derby Winner’s Circle.Ā Ā Did you know that the Kentucky Derby Rose Garland is the most recognized floral arrangement in the world?Ā Pretty amazing!

Photo and Information: Hazelparkraceway.com

Preakness StakesĀ –Ā The winner is draped in a blanket ofĀ Viking Pomps.Ā Itā€™s usually called a blanket of Black-Eyed Susans, but since the Maryland state flower doesnā€™t bloom until June, VikingsĀ play the part.

Exploring the Belmontā€™s Blanket of Carnations by Americasbestracing.net

Belmont StakesĀ Ā 700 White CarnationsĀ are used to create the 40-pound blanket which is draped over the winner. The flowers are glued in staggered rows to seven yards of green velvet cloth, folded and sewn to give it the heft to shape and support the carnations.

Feature Image: Top row Millinery by Philip Treacy, Rose Garland by Kentucky Derby, Red Duchess Rose Hat by Jacqueline Ahne, Horse Floral Design by Michelle Lywood