Floral Friday ~ Painted Flowers and Greenery

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Floral Friday ~ Painted Flowers & Greenery


When it comes to painted flowers & greenery, let’s face it, you are either a lover or a hater. Which are you?

Not too long ago, painting flowers was only thought of as a last resort. Today, ON TREND creations are going to new heights by using metallics, color-blocking and other modern takes on floral arranging. Designers are not afraid to pick up that Design Master can and paint the monstera GOLD!

Painted roses and greens can be pre-ordered with 10-14 days advance notice. Browse our Holland webshop which typically has a vast collection of colorful products.

Prefer to paint yourself? We have a rainbow selection of Design Master paints from Just for Flowers sheers, Color Tool solids to stylish metallics. Our supply departments also carry the brand-new hues: Heather-ish, Herbal, Honeycomb, Peachy, and Red Clay in the COLORTOOL Spray and Blue Violets, Coral Charming, and Thicket in Just for Flowers.

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