Floral Friday ~ White Garden Roses

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Floral Friday ~ White Garden Roses

Hello Spring and the onset of wedding season!  What a perfect time to focus on our favorite white garden roses.  Nowadays, there are many options which can range from garden-looking standard roses to the popular David Austin varieties.

Most garden roses arrive to us in a very closed, tight state.  Depending on the variety, they may require 4-7 days to fully open to the lush ruffled look we love.  A perfect example is the white Alabaster garden rose.  Don’t let those small buds fool you!  When ordering for your special event, please keep this in mind.

Care and Handling
Proper hydration is key.  Garden roses need the appropriate flower food to properly hydrate from the stress incurred during transport.  If the cardboard packing is still in the packaging, remove it from the sleeve to prevent any moisture build-up on the petals.  Remember, garden roses are delicate!

The varieties that we offer are those that have been properly bred for the cut flower industry.  As such, they have been optimized for a long vase life and are cut at a certain point to minimize damage during shipping.