Planning your Special Event Order

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Are you a registered customer interested in purchasing fresh flowers for an upcoming special event?

  • How far in advance do I need to place my fresh flower order? More lead time always translates into a greater ability to source flowers precisely in accordance with your needs.  Hard-to-find or limited availability product may require more advance notice (i.e. garden roses, trendy popular wedding colors, etc.)  Two weeks prior to your requested pick-up/delivery date is highly recommended.
  • I’m not sure what quantities I need to order. Can you help me with this?  Please see below for the most common bunch sizes for both flowers and greens.
  • Can I make changes to my order? Additions can be made up until the delivery or pick-up date depending on product availability.  Any late additions may require taking whole box lots.  Orders cannot be canceled once the product is already en route from the farms to our warehouse which is generally a week prior to shipping.
  • Can I just come in a few days prior to my event to purchase flowers? We do have fresh cut flowers available to pick-up on the go; however, we cannot guarantee what flowers are available on that day.
  • Picking up your order at our warehouse? Please see our warehouse locations for hours.
  • How do I care for my fresh flowers? Our product arrives dry-packed from our growers.  Proper processing is needed to hydrate flowers from their “sleepy” transportation state.
    • We recommend using a conditioning product that stimulates the rehydration of flowers after a period of dry transportation. This allows for the greatest water uptake and prevents “bent-neck” and wilted leaves. We offer a wide variety of floral solutions and preservatives.
    • After the flowers have been properly hydrated, please keep them in a refrigerated cooler between the temperatures of 34-36 degrees Fahrenheit with a relative humidity of 90%. This keeps the product at its optimum state.  Not processing the flowers properly may result in quality issues which are beyond our responsibility.

Typical Stem Counts per Bunch


  • Roses – 25 stems/bunch
  • Garden Roses – 12 stems/bunch
  • Spray Roses – 10 stems/bunch
  • Carnations – 25 stems/bunch
  • Carnations (Florigene) – 10 or 20 stems/bunch*varies please ask
  • Dahlias – 5 stems/bunch
  • Hydrangea – per stem
  • Alstroemeria – 10 stems/bunch
  • Spiders/Disbuds/Cremones – 10 stems/bunch
  • Pomps (Daisies/Cushions/Buttons) – 7 stems/bunch
  • Baby’s Breath (Gypsophila) – by weight (250gr)
    • typically, 5-6 stems/bunch
  • Gerbera/Mini Gerbera – 10 stems/card
  • Dendrobium Orchids – 10 stems/bunch
  • Cymbidium/Mini Cymbidium Sprays – per stem
    • (6-8 blooms/spray)
  • Delphinium (Bella/Volkenfrieden) – 10 stems/bunch
  • Delphinium (Hybrid) – 5 stems/bunch
  • Most other flowers– 10 stems/bunch

Greenery – amounts are approximate

  • Seeded/Willow/Silver Dollar Eucalyptus – Grower’s Bunch – 5-8 stems/bunch
  • Salal – 10 stems/bunch
  • Salal Tips – 12 stems/bunch
  • Dusty Miller (short) – 10 stems/bunch
  • Dusty Miller (tall) – 5 stems/bunch
  • Treefern – 20 stems /bunch
  • Plumosus – 15 stems/bunch
  • Pittosporum (Variegated & Green) – 10 stems/bunch
  • Aspidistra Leaves (Variegated & Green) – 10 stems/bunch
  • Beargrass – 50/bunch
  • Lily Grass – 25/bunch
  • Ruscus (Italian) – 5-7 stems/bunch
  • Ruscus (Isreali) – 10 stems/bunch
  • Myrtle – 18-20 stems/bunch
  • Wedding Ivy – 10 stems/bunch