Top 6 Reasons to Buy from a Wholesale Florist

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If you are just starting out or have been in business for a century, you have come across a local floral wholesaler.  As e-commerce continues to expand into the floral realm, you most likely wonder, “Why should I call my local wholesaler?  They will probably charge me more than if I Google search ‘wholesale bulk flowers’ and purchase online.” Not true!

Here is my list of TOP 6 REASONS  to purchase from your local wholesaler:

  1. I like to call it Flower Insurance.  You can be assured when you order from your local wholesaler, we take all of the headaches that can be associated with issues in transit and/or quality.  Poor packaging, damaged boxes, smashed blooms, rotten flowers are all dealt with prior to arriving at your door.  No surprises!  We stand behind our product and make the appropriate steps to ensure excellence is delivered to our customers.
  2. Relationships – This is an important part of our company.  We have been in the relationship building business since we were founded over 100 years ago.  Most of our customers call our local sales teams or come into one of our branches.  When you talk to us, we have a keen idea of your special needs, likes and dislikes starting from the sales staff down to the delivery driver.  I don’t know how many times I heard during order fulfilling, “Oh no, Sally doesn’t like that variety.  We need to pick another bunch.”  In addition to customer relationships, we also have special farm and vendor relationships.  This guarantees offering only the best and freshest product to you.
  3. Cold-Chain Logistics – The cold-chain can be one of the most misunderstood aspects of the floral industry.  Why is it so crucial?  Let’s break it down.  What is the ideal environment for bacteria and mold?  Warm, wet and dark places…… So when you have a nice cozy, warm box of flowers that may have a microscopic amount of nastiness on it, it can be PARTY CENTRAL for this to flourish and decay the whole lot.  This is where the cold-chain is most beneficial.  90% of quality problems are the result of temperature problems starting when the product is harvested on the farm.  Your ultimate goal is to offer a long-lasting, quality product for your customers and this is how we help you achieve just that.  Have you ever bought an insulated bag at the grocery checkout? Now, you understand the importance.
  4. Expert Knowledge – If you count how many years of experience we have collectively in all our 6 locations, it would be… wait, too much math!  Some of our staff have been with us for over 30 years not to mention those that have been in the floral industry as a whole for at least that long.  Many of us came from the retail end so we can relate to customer requests.  Not to be boastful, but we do have a vast knowledge of the products we sell.  Ask us about tips and tricks of the trade, supply uses, flower availability and substitutions, etc.  We love to talk!
  5. Pricing – Due to our special relationships with vendors, we offer competitive pricing.  The majority of our pricing is an out-the-door amount.  FARM DIRECT box lot pricing is shared each week from California, Canada, South America and Holland.  These are offered at a special price fresh from the farm.  If you are price comparison shopping, be sure to consider other freight charges such as FedEx, UPS, airlines, etc. that will be added to your final total from another e-commerce platform.
  6. Convenience –  Our locations are open 6 days a week starting at the wee hours of the morning.  Depending on your distance from the branch, you can call and have it delivered the same (or next) day.  Pick-up is always an option during our normal business hours.  Our coolers are always stocked with the most popular flowers.  We provide One-Stop Shopping: plants, supplies, greens as well as fresh cuts.

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Here’s to the SUPPORT LOCAL movement!