Why are Prices so High on some Rose Varieties? It’s all Supply & Demand!

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Wait, that variety is $$$ per stem right now?  But I paid way less for the same one 2 weeks ago!  How can that be?

The answer can be found in simple economics… The Law Supply & Demand. Generally, a low supply and high demand increase price.  Inversely, when greater the supply and demand low, the prices fall until ultimately, an equilibrium is obtained.

Who remembers a few years back when the David Austin® garden rose, Juliet, was popular?  Prices for this in demand rose sky-rocketed due the short supply among rose growers.  Today, this variety has a more stable price and availability.

Flower farms have to plan so far in advance and predict what varieties may be popular for every day, holidays, as well as weddings and events.  If they see a rose variety is all over social media or have a ton of customers asking for it, they may in turn decide they can get more money.  Believe me, when we as wholesalers are asked to pay more than usual from our farms and suppliers, we also balk at the price.  Don’t think that we are price gouging you, but also paying a premium for those varieties as well.

How do I keep my prices low when I need these popular flowers?

  • Order early! Please don’t wait to give us your order a week before you need it.  That doesn’t give us enough time to secure those hard to get varieties and if we do, the prices will be much higher.
  • Buy by the box lots – Prices will always be lower if you purchase by the box lot due to less handling (by the farms, by us).
  • Wedding and Event florists, you have the power in your hands.  What is meant by that?  Brides come to you months and even a year in advance with their flower likes.  You may not know the exact number of centerpieces, but you will know the most important flower details for bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages.  Sell by a color palette!  Mrs. Smith at table 7 won’t know if you have 6 garden roses or 3 and some other similar color flower in that arrangement in front of her.  When requesting early, order for at least 80% of the centerpieces.  You can always add like flowers to fill in later.  Then, you can be assured you have the majority secured well in advance this keeping your prices down.