Floral Friday ~ Feverfew

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Floral Friday ~ Feverfew CHAMOMILE/TANACETUM/MATRICARIA/TANSIES Feverfew, Daisy’s little cousin, always adds a little happy magic. Delicate and whimsical, we like to think of her as the “flowergirl” of the daisies. A little goes a long way for this petite accent flower. They can be found in the white daisy variety and button type in white or yellow. Feverfew has a … Read More

Flower of the Month – September

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Flower of the Month for September: the Aster The Aster – Flower Facts – Asters are a genus of flowers from the Asteraceae family. It includes about 180 species of flowering plants. All asters produce clusters of tiny daisy-like flowers. While wild asters are typically run the purple and blue range, cultivated varieties may be pink, blue, purple, lavender and white. As … Read More