Floral Friday ~ Astrantia

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Floral Friday ~ Astrantia Who else is in love with this tiny flower? Also known as a pincushion flower, these blooms add a pop of texture to almost any floral creation. The delicate blossoms are ideal for corsage work and bouquets or clustered together in larger arrangements where their beauty doesn’t get lost among other flowers. They have been a … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Scabiosa

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Floral Friday ~ Scabiosa PINCUSHION FLOWER We always loved scabiosa but lately, the Scoop™ varieties have been all the rage from the vanilla white to deep, moody blackberry.  Whether the flower blooms or pods are used, scabiosa can add character to your flower arrangements. It is also know as the common name, pincushion flower, because the round, prominent stamens in the center of the … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Chocolate Cosmos

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Floral Friday ~ Chocolate Cosmos The scent of chocolate with hints of vanilla, these tiny velvety blooms add just the right touch to arrangements.  When you are searching for a dark burgundy to almost black flower, chocolate cosmos will indeed build depth to your creation.  Not just for fall, they can enhance summer designs.  What other bloom gives you the best … Read More