Floral Friday ~ Corsages & Boutonnieres

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Floral Friday ~ Corsages & Boutonnieres It’s that time of year… prom & wedding season, a period of intricate and beautiful corsage & boutonniere orders. Our warehouses are stocked with supplies that make creating those sometimes cumbersome floral designs much easier and faster. You may even end up enjoying the process!   *New* Filligree & Plain Cuffs – silver, gold and … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Freesia

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Floral Friday ~ Freesia This sometimes overlooked flower is considered to be one of the most fragrant in the world.  Delicate blooms with a citrus scent, freesia can be a wonderful choice for those corsages and boutonnieres. History Native to South Africa, freesia belongs to the Iris family and is a genus that includes about 14 species.  They gained their … Read More