Floral Friday ~ Astrantia

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Floral Friday ~ Astrantia Who else is in love with this tiny flower? Also known as a pincushion flower, these blooms add a pop of texture to almost any floral creation. The delicate blossoms are ideal for corsage work and bouquets or clustered together in larger arrangements where their beauty doesn’t get lost among other flowers. They have been a … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Floral Art

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Floral Friday ~ Floral Art It’s a given that floral design is an art. However, some designers take it to a different level than our normal everyday and event creations. Here is a little inspiration to help you think outside the (flower)box! Inspiration

Floral Friday ~ Floral Hoops

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Floral Friday ~ Floral Hoops A flower trend we keep seeing popping up are floral hoops. Not just decorated hoops in hanging installations, but also as non-traditional wedding bouquets. Gold hoops to grapevine wreaths, these floral creations definitely make a statement! Your local Dreisbach branch carries a variety of sizes of gold hoops and grapevine wreaths. Looking for a different shape? … Read More