Floral Friday ~ Seeded Eucalyptus

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Floral Friday ~ Seeded Eucalyptus The good stuff is BACK!!!!  We are so elated that the season has returned for the small seeded eucalyptus.  While the cupped is ok, we sure do LOVE the smaller seeds. Care & Handling Give stems a fresh cut and place in water with floral preservative, remove the bottom leaves from the stem if present, … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Hats and Horses

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Floral Friday ~ Hats & Horses This week, we are going off “track”🐴 a bit to recognize flowers adorning hats & horses. At our flagship branch in Louisville, the Kentucky Derby, AKA Run for the Roses®, is a big deal and the first of the Triple Crown Races.  With the derby coming up in a few weeks, let’s take a look at … Read More