Floral Friday ~ Tropical Leaves

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Floral Friday ~ Tropical Leaves Who else is ready to turn up the heat? Fighting these frigid temperatures lately, we’re making a 180 and concentrating on the TROPICS with this week’s Floral Friday – TROPICAL LEAVES. Seeing a resurgence of past 1960’s and 1970’s trends, tropical leaves have exploded in home decor from art prints to pillows, wallpaper and large … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Eucalyptus

Floral SpecialistFloral Friday, Greens, Weekly Product Updates

Floral Friday ~ Eucalyptus Eucalyptus is one of our TOP SELLERS because of its muted bluish-green color and wispy texture.  It is also very hardy and will last a long time when properly processed and stored in the cooler.  A few strands can add value to a normal arrangement giving the customer “more bang for their buck.”  Due to the hardy nature of this greenery, … Read More