Floral Friday ~ Blooming Branches

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Floral Friday ~ Blooming Branches When the trees start budding, we know spring is soon to come. After this winter, the sooner the better! When we receive blooming branches into our warehouses, they are in a mostly budding stage which helps prevent bloom breakage during shipping. Here are some tips to help force your flowering branches to bloom a little quicker. … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Gerbera

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Floral Friday ~ Gerbera Oh happy, cheerful Gerbera Daisy!  Perfect petals and round shape make it a splendid focal flower.  The gerbera is a great choice to lift anyone’s spirits. Facts about Gerberas Gerberas were named after Trauggott Gerber, a botanist and physician from the 1700s. Gerberas are available in all of the colors of the rainbow except blue. Gerbera … Read More