Flower Gallery – Have you seen it?

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Looking for different flower varieties? Browse through our Flower Gallery page with the largest collection of cut flower varieties. Search by category, type, color or monthly availability. Heard of a particular name but don’t know what it looks like? You can also search by keyword. Create a Flower Gallery Account and save flowers to albums to share with customers and … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Silver Brunia

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Floral Friday ~ Silver Brunia Known for its subtle gray color, silver brunia has been a favorite addition to arrangements, bouquets, boutonnieres and really all types of floral creations. Why do we love it? Due to the woody nature of the stems, it lasts for ages, creates interesting texture and a little goes a long way. Inspiration

Floral Friday ~ Calla Lilies

Floral SpecialistFloral Friday, Flowers

Floral Friday ~ Calla Lilies Two words can describe the calla lily- Simple Elegance. Callas have been an inspiration flower for many including the great painter, Georgia O’Keeffe. Their clean, refined and modern look make them a classic favorite. Calla Bouquets – Premium white blooms, tall and thick stems. Mini Callas – white, yellow, lavender, black, red, orange, pink, hot … Read More