Floral Friday ~ Marigolds

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Floral Friday ~ Marigolds October’s birth month flower, the marigold, is a member of the Tagetes genus. Most of us know that their pungent smell is a wonderful insect deterrent but did you know petals from certain varieties can be edible? India Marigold garlands can be seen hanging everywhere especially during ceremonial occasions. It is often referred to as the … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Orange Roses

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Floral Friday ~ Orange Roses “Orange is the happiest color.” ~ Frank Sinatra We couldn’t agree more.  Not only does orange add that pop of color to bright arrangements but can undergo an earthy vibe when coupled with muted tawny shades. Here are some of our favorite orange rose varieties.

Floral Friday ~ Pincushion Protea

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Floral Friday ~ Pincushion Protea Pincushion Protea, or leucospermum, is another fun flower to add some texture to your floral arrangements.  Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, but also very long-lasting! There are 48 species of pins of which all but three are native to South Africa.  They have become a very popular crop in the United States as well … Read More