Floral Friday~ Grasses & Pods

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Floral Friday ~ Grasses & Pods We are upon the time of year when nature transitions those summer blossoms into seed pods which can add unusual texture and movement to any floral handiwork. This season is abundant with endless choices from broom corn brimming with small clusters to larger more focal pomegranate pods. We’ve compiled a list of a few … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Asclepias

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Floral Friday ~ Asclepias MILKWEED | BUTTERFLY WEED Summer lovin’ asclepias. They are available in pink, white, orange and yellow through our Holland webshop. We also carry the green Gomphocarpus physocarpus pods (aka hairy balls, balloon plant). Our warehouses stock a limited amount so it’s best to preorder your stems for wedding and daily design work. After cutting your asclepias, we recommend placing … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Silver Bell Euc Pods

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Floral Friday ~ Silver Bell Euc Pods Add some holiday cheer with real silver bells, euc pods that is! The perfect winter accent, silver bell euc pods jazz up your festive floral arrangements. Finding a fresh accent in a silvery dusty blue can be quite a challenge, so these pods are sure to delight. Let the pods pop, and the … Read More