Floral Friday ~ Color PURPLE

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Floral Friday ~ Color PURPLE Pretty much all flowers have a variety in the purple color family. The color purple encompasses a range of hues of color occurring from blue to red. No wonder there are so many purple flowers! Visit the Flower Gallery on our website and filter by color; you will be pleasantly surprised how many amazing varieties will display. … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Mooncarnations

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Floral Friday ~ Mooncarnations Purple is the rainbow’s most complex color. A combination of vibrant red and tranquil blue, most purple carnations have a reddish undertone. However, the FLORIGENE® moon series carnations are truly a remarkable true blueish purple. The “blue gene,” not to be mistaken with our favorite denim, was first isolated and patented by FLORIGENE® in 1992. They since have … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Hyacinth

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Floral Friday ~ Hyacinth “Man needs bread and hyacinths: one to feed the body, and one to feed the soul.” ~ Sharon Creech Can you just smell them?  Hyacinth’s pleasant aroma of sweetness filling the early spring air.  If that doesn’t brighten your day….. The most common is Hyacinthus orientalis with bell-shaped flowers and should not be confused with the common grape Hyacinth, Muscari botryoides. History … Read More