Floral Friday ~ Jasmine

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Floral Friday ~ Jasmine Wispy, trailing jasmine vine! Jasmine adds a romantic touch to any floral arrangement. Why do we love this vine? For its graceful tendrils, of course. When it comes in blooming, we hit a triple jackpot: flowing, fragrant and bountiful blooms. With or without blossoms, jasmine is sure to evoke a gardeny Victorian vibe. Due to the … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Helleborus

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Floral Friday ~ Helleborus Hellebore | Lenten Rose | Winter Rose A member of the Ranunculaceae family, helleborus has become just as popular as their ranunculus cousins. It could be attributed to the muted tones of the varieties, one being the mauve color palette which has been ever so trendy on social media. An early blooming flower, varieties of helleborus … Read More

Floral Friday ~ Gypsophila

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Floral Friday ~ Gypsophila BABY’S BREATH We know, the last thing you want to see after Valentine’s Day is more gyp, but let’s venture outside of the “dozen roses with baby’s breath” box. Fresh eyes bring new perspectives on traditional floral staples as we can see with the continuance of gyp’s popularity. Types Overtime – long vase life, extra-large bright … Read More