Flower Trends Forecast 2019 – Forest Walk, The Believer, Hear Me Roar & Ethereal Bliss

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Flower Trends Forecast 2019 features 4 trend looks: Forest Walk, The Believer, Hear Me Roar & Ethereal Bliss. Check out the videos describing the upcoming overall styles.


Discover a world of inspiration in the deep, rich colors under the forest canopy. In the Forest Walk style trend, the exquisite textures of organic life and the fluid patterns of nature show up in a way that feels both fresh and familiar. Textured flowers combine with vines, pods and berries in a look dominated by dark yet bold tones and lush greens with a hint of blue or brown, amber yellow, and shades of plum and burgundy.


Flowers in navy blue and a rich pink pop in The Believer style trend. Classic masculine and feminine hues combine into one color harmony that feels modern, yet disciplined and refined. Muted tan and a soft, blushing peach are among the key colors in this hopeful style trend. Flowers blue hydrangea, cornflowers, boronia, brain celosia, and any bright pink flowers such as lilies, tulips, roses, peonies, and proteas.


Rich in reds, offset with daring, fashion-forward teal and steady shades of gray and brown describes the palette for the Hear Me Roar style trend. The look is bold and commands attention with structured and sculptural flower designs. Uniquely shaped flowers like gingers and calla lilies in layered reds and oranges create bold impact and interest.


The Ethereal Bliss design trend can be described as minimalistic with mythical and intuitive elements. The palette combines soft tints with rich base tones and warm textures. Pink, sage green and lavender play key roles to create a calm and comfortable feel. Garden flowers rich in petals in soft tinted colors and warm textures pull you in and nuzzle your soul.