Floral Friday – Leucadendron

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Floral Friday ~ Leucadendron


This South African native and member of the Proteaceae family comes in a multitude of shapes, textures and colors.  Leucadendrons originate from South Africa, along the south and southwestern coastal mountain ranges.  The name comes from the Greek word Leucos “white” and dendron “tree,” referring to the silver tree variety, Leucadendron argenteum.


Leucadendrons are available all year from domestic, Dutch and Australian sources depending on the variety. There are periods when they are more plentiful, particularly the cooler seasons in the various regions where they are grown.

Leucadendrons will last 2-6 weeks depending on variety.  They also dry quite well.  To dry, stand them upright in a bucket or vase or hang them upside down for best results. Store in a cool, dry location, and in about three weeks, the dried flowers will be ready for designing, without shedding any leaves or bracts. They usually dry with some color but may fade to tan hues.

A challenge of leucadendrons is LEAF BLACKENING which is a common post harvest issue.  It can be prevented by proper refrigeration, correct use of flower food and adequate light.