Floral Friday ~ Carnation

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Floral Friday ~ Carnation

One of the most well known cut flowers is the carnation, ranging from the basic palette to antiques, vibrant purples and novelty bi-colors.  It is January’s birth month flower as well as the official state flower of Ohio.  Their ruffly blooms give volume and lushness to any arrangment.  Not only are they easy to handle, they are an affordable addition to give depth and color without a higher price.


This pleasantly fragrant flower has been cultivated for over 2000 years in Asia and Europe.  The Greek botanist, Theophrastus, gave it the botanical name Dianthus meaning “flower of the gods.” There are over 300 species in the colors of the rainbow except blue.

Interesting Facts

  • Florigene carnations – the only true blue-based patented purple shades.
  • Did you know? They are so LONG-LASTING that they are shipped to Asia via containers which take 30 days in transit.
  • Nobbio carnations – shades of bi-color deep pink, burgundy  and purples resembling butterfly wings on their petals.
  • Although dangerous for pets, carnations are edible for humans and can be used for decorating cakes or for eating. The flowers have a combination of a sweet taste from the petals and a more bitter taste from the base of the flower. Carnation petals are also used to make Chartreuse, a French liqueur.
  • The world’s biggest producer of carnations is Colombia, South America who provides the US with 80% of its carnations.



While all carnations symbolize love, affection, and fascination, the color of the flower also carries meaning.

  • Red: Deep Love and Admiration
  • White: Pure Love and Good Luck
  • Pink: A Mother’s Love
  • Yellow: Disappointment or Rejection
  • Purple: Capriciousness
  • Striped: Rejection or Regret