Floral Friday ~ Fit for Royalty

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Floral Friday ~ Fit for Royalty

Who else is super stoked about the upcoming Royal Nuptials? Planning a ROYAL WEDDING Preview Party?  You’ll have to wake up super early, like us, to tune in on this side of the Atlantic.  Brew tea, bake scones and arrange a bouquet with at least one sprig of myrtle.

Why Myrtle?  Myrtle symbolizes love and marriage.
🎵 “Love and marriage, love and marriage… Go together like a horse and carriage” .🎵

Sorry… got a little sidetracked but appropriate since the royal couple will be traveling from the ceremony to Buckingham Palace in a horse-drawn carriage procession.

This is not just any sprig of myrtle, but one off the exact bush that was given to Queen Victoria by Prince Albert’s German grandmother in the 1800’s.  Talk about some royal lineage.  Since then, royal brides have been carrying a sprig of it in their bouquets as a token of good luck.

We can’t wait to see the royal wedding flowers tomorrow.  Jot down notes because we all know that brides will be requesting the identical blooms come next year!~Take a look at the these Royal Bridal Bouquets~

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