Floral Friday ~ Gerbera

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Floral Friday ~ Gerbera

Oh happy, cheerful Gerbera Daisy!  Perfect petals and round shape make it a splendid focal flower.  The gerbera is a great choice to lift anyone’s spirits.

Facts about Gerberas

  • Gerberas were named after Trauggott Gerber, a botanist and physician from the 1700s.
  • Gerberas are available in all of the colors of the rainbow except blue.
  • Gerbera daises originated in South Africa, where you would still find some native species growing in wild.
  • Gerberas are one of the longest lasting cut flowers.
  • Gerbera daises are the 5th most used flower in cut arrangements and bouquets, after roses, carnations, chrysanthemums and tulips.
  • If you look at gerbera flower, you would think that it’s just one big flower head with lots of small petals. In fact, the flower head is a huge cluster of hundreds of flowers.

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Gerbera Care
When you receive Gerberas as a cut flower, trim the bottoms and place in fresh water with floral hydrating solution.  If you are using Floralife’s Express Universal 300, they are one of the few that still need to be re-cut.