Floral Friday ~ Hyacinth

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Floral Friday ~ Hyacinth

“Man needs bread and hyacinths: one to feed the body, and one to feed the soul.” ~ Sharon Creech

Can you just smell them?  Hyacinth’s pleasant aroma of sweetness filling the early spring air.  If that doesn’t brighten your day…..

The most common is Hyacinthus orientalis with bell-shaped flowers and should not be confused with the common grape Hyacinth, Muscari botryoides.

History of the Hyacinth
The wild hyacinth is a native of Turkey and the Middle East, along the eastern shores of the Mediterranean. Hyacinths were grown in Europe in the time of the Greeks and Romans. Both Homer and Virgil noted its sweet fragrance.

Care of Hyacinth
Do not cut the bottom of the hyacinth stem!  When you receive them as cut flowers, the core of the bulb is still attached and is necessary to continue to bring nutrients to the flower.  We also recommend using bulb flower food.  Hyacinths are sensitive to bacteria so make sure you always use a clean bucket or vase.

This Season’s Trendy Hyacinth Varieties

  1. Anna Marie – A gorgeous soft pink Hyacinth variety, good to keep in mind for the upcoming Mother’s Day.
  2. Anna Liza – This beauty has a warm pinkish lavender color and matches perfectly with, for example, Rose Deep Purple and Rose Blueberry.
  3. Woodstock – With its beetroot warm purple color, Woodstock can bring some contrast into bohemian winter designs.
  4. Yellow Stone – Longing for spring? Yellow Stone has pastel yellow colored flowers, which are great in combination with daffodils!
  5. Chicago – This Hyacinth variety has the Pantone Color of the Year 2018: Ultraviolet!
  6. Dark Ocean – Dark Ocean has deep, dark blue colored flowers with a little bit of purple in them.
  7. China Pink – China Pink has a blush, very soft pink color. Matches great with whites and also with other light pinks. A perfect wedding bouquet flower!
  8. Aiolos – If you are looking for a great pure white Hyacinth variety, Aiolos is what you need! The flowers are placed closely next to each other and look very nice.
  9. Delft Blue – A classic blue variety with lots of little flowers!
  10. Fondant – The pastel pink color of Fondant is just lovely. A flower that breathes out romance!
  11. Jan Bos – Wow! Jan Bos has a deep, hot pink color, almost magenta. So if you are looking for a spicer-upper: look no further!
  12. Purple Voice – Purple Voice has a fresh purple color and matches very well with yellows and whites.

Thanks to our friends at Holex for the trendy variety list and information.  To read more about hyacinths on their #flowerwiki, click here .