Floral Friday ~ Ranunculus

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Floral Friday ~ Ranunculus

Ahhh, the ranunculus!  Such a little beauty of a flower has become a most sought after commodity.  This hearty bloom can last weeks in a vase if properly handled and hydrated.  From small Elegance to large Cloni varieties, the ranunculus has made its mark in wedding, event, prom, and everyday floral work.  Once considered to be a specialty flower, it has transitioned into a staple for some.

The name ranunculus is a combination of two Latin words, rana meaning frog and unculus meaning little.  Many believe that ranunculus earned this name because they grew along streams and were as plentiful as little frogs in the spring.

Flower Meaning
Charming and attractive

Ranunculus are now available from Holland and Italy in both Elegance, Pon Pon and Cloni (Clooney) varieties.  Colors may be limited.   Click here to view care and handling of ranunculus.

Clooney Hanoi Ranunculus

Red Elegance Ranunculus